About Carolyn


Our life experiences combined with our education shape our sociological beings. Here is a window to what has shaped the person I am today. I look forward to hearing your story, too!

I embrace my 6’5” stature as a unique attribute that is a reflection of my gift- to influence, educate and inspire individuals who seek to improve their health.

Who is Carolyn Moos and What is FITT4LIFE

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. I played for USA Basketball, Stanford (B. A. Sociology, Minor Communications), FIBA/WNBA and completed my Masters at USC in Communication Management, (where my masters thesis focused on the power of preventative health, and lifestyle related diseases (type II diabetes, heart disease and more). I currently practice as an ACE Certified nutrition consultant and trainer in Los Angeles and am completing my R. D.. I also work with clients in a virtual environment through e-mail and phone consultations for nutrition log analysis and virtual training sessions for yoga, weights, cardio and circuit training. You can train with me anytime, anywhere in the world and I will be certain to keep you FITT4Life! I am primarily focused on Nutrigenomics and studies that examine molecular relationships between nutrition and the response of genes, with the goal of understanding how changes in nutrition (exercise, stress reduction) can affect human health and lower risk of disease. I focus on glycemic index, macronutrient profiling, and body composition, while integrating bio/psycho/social aspects of lifestyle change.

[quote style="boxed" float="right"]Your unique attributes are a priceless gift. Recognize them; utilize them to fuel your sense of empowerment, place and purpose.
- Carolyn Moos[/quote]

My primary demographics include: baby boomers (lowering risk of disease, longevity and vitality), elite athletes (lowering risk of injury and aiding in the rehab process), mothers-to-be (maintaining a healthy body pre and post pregnancy) and the general public with goals to change their lifestyle. This website outlines the effective and engaging combination of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle management in my FITT4Life program. I may be contacted via cell phone at 310-600-3320 or E-mail, c.moos@stanfordalumni.org.


Lifestyle change requires understanding the psychological, sociological and physiological aspects that shape individuals mental and physical beings. The mind, body and spirit have to connect to produce results. I take time to really understand the mental stage of the individuals I work with and we build based upon the foundation they start from with a strong vision of where they want to go. I recognize the desire for many individuals in our society to have immediate reward or benefit for their efforts, hence I emphasize creating SMART goals that are progressive in nature. I strongly encourage open communication with my clients and we work together to create an environment that is conducive to long term adherence to healthy lifestyle and change.

Experience health and wellness from the inside out, I look forward to working with you! For more information please contact me at 310-600-3320 or email c.moos@stanfordalumni.org.


B.A. at Stanford University in Sociology / Communications
M.A. at USC in Communication Management

Combining my undergrad studies at Stanford University with my Masters at The University of Southern California provides a solid foundation that shapes my approach in my work. My thesis focused on obesity and type II diabetes, an area pertinent to my personal interest in the health and fitness industry. Studies have revealed lack of transfer from preparation to action stage for lifestyle change (diet and exercise) to reduce risk of disease. I address bio/psycho/social elements to lifestyle change in my work as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant.

My Gift

I am an ACE-Personal Trainer and offers sport specific training-lessons-clinics-camps-yoga, and nutrition consulting. After returning to California from the WNBA and decided to attend graduate school, which was something I decided upon far in advance (that is my nature). I truly believe once one has found their passion, gift and purpose, they are on their way to success. Leading a healthy lifestyle (nutrition and exercise) has always been a tremendous part of who I am and it is something I value tremendously. I decided to attend The University of Southern California where I completed my Masters Degree with a focus on health communication. Throughout my studies I developed a keen sense for the tremendous need for knowledge and transition from preparation to action stage with individuals who seek lifestyle change. I specifically focused on the obesity epidemic and type II diabetes for my thesis. It is astounding how this epidemic is affecting our culture: “direct and indirect healthcare costs related to obesity have surpassed $100 billion a year in the United States,” (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, vol. 51 no.36, Sept. 13, 2002). Recent estimates from the Centers for Disease Control show, for most states, the prevalence of obesity has reached 20 percent, or even higher. This is a sharp contrast to a prevalence of less than 10 percent in 1985. This epidemic is even more insidious, as it also appears to be no longer only occurring with adults, but is increasing in children as well. While obesity can have a significant negative impact on an individual’s quality of life, the increasing prevalence of obesity has greater public health implications and is linked to the Type II diabetes epidemic, as well as a number of other chronic diseases, which are sure to continue to grow if trends are not reversed.

In my work as an ACE Certified Nutrition Consultant and Personal Trainer I focus on the bio/psycho/social elements that affects adherence to exercise programs and healthy eating. I focus on macronutrient profiling which results in a steady GI index response to facilitate balanced energy levels. I also address means to reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone which encourages fat storage, biologically linked to “fight” or “flight”) and increase endorphins (make us feel good) which has a direct impact on BMI rating and muscle to fat ratios. The mind is highly connected to the body and I address the unique needs of each individual from the inside out. Making life changes is a process, not a quick means to an end and I guide each person every step of the way. I have taken my gift, which has been shaped by my personal life experience and high level education, to change people’s lives. Health is one of the most important aspects of our lives and my mission is to help others see the light and reach their goals.

I am currently living in Los Angeles where I run FITT4Life guided training, as an ACE certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant. My unique life experiences playing for USA Basketball, Stanford, FIBA/WNBA in combination with my education, provides a most dynamic and developed foundation to how I approach my work. It is very rewarding to guide individuals that have varying needs and interests to improve their health and fitness levels. I am very passionate about encouraging preventative behaviors (diet and exercise) as a means to lower one’s risk of disease, rather than relying solely on prescriptive solutions. I also enjoy educating individuals on the role of lifestyle plays in reaching optimal performance. Leading a healthy lifestyle is a self-empowering tool to long-term well being. I look forward to hearing your story and helping guide you to reach your goals! There will be no turning back.

Off the Court

I gained valuable experience beyond the court. My experiences include working for KGO / ABC 7, writing online for ESPN.com, Women’s Fitness Magazine and working the Men’s World Basketball Championship where I conducted interviews with Yao Ming, Dirk Nowitzski, Steve Nash and Manu Ginoboli as they played for their home teams. I predicted the outcome of the following Olympics by submitting a piece of the danger of lack of team play and the alternative cohesive nature of the International teams. I wrote a piece for Marie Claire, which spoke of embracing your uniqueness and gaining respect from the inside out. I have worked the Seeds of Peace Camp where there are students from Israel, Palestine, Cyprus and Turkey and they go through discussion groups and athletic activities to promote cultural awareness and perspective. This is far more powerful than you can ever imagine and although the NBA/WNBA players were asked to come in to “teach,” I truly believe we learned much more from the camp than ever could be spoken in words.

Basketball Background

#1 Pic BB Camp AdvantageHigh School
I played for the North Tartan AAU team that won nationals, earned Sporting News Top Student Athletes in the Country (1 of 10), Parade Magazine Fourth Team All-America, Associated Press Minnesota Player of the Year, USA Today Minnesota Player of the Year, Gatorade Minnesota Player of the Year.

Basketball has provided me incredible cultural opportunities, having played for USA Basketball winning a gold medal at the Jr. Olympics in Brazil. We traveled from Frankfurt, Slovakia, Chetumal México to Brazil. I earned a scholarship to Stanford University where we were Pac-10 Champs, earned All-Academic Pac-10.
I graduated from Stanford, with a major in Sociology and minor in Communications (just shy of a double major due to the WNBA Draft, where I was picked by the Phoenix Mercury).

Professional Basketball
I then played professional basketball for FIBA in Sceaux, France and for the Miami Sol in the WNBA. My level of international exposure has greatly shaped who I am today. The education that I gained through my international experience has developed my dynamic sociological perspective that is incredibly valuable in multiple facets of my life. You may visit my basketball link to read some of my international journal entries or you may email me with your inquiries.

Middle School

Becoming comfortable with what sets you apart from the rest requires an intricate process of sociological development. I was influenced by many, including a strong family foundation and a wonderfully competitive and supportive older brother. I was approached by a 6′ 5″ woman whom became my mentor in the 6th grade, at which point I was introduced to basketball as I stood 6’ myself. Having played all other sports prior to this year I was eager to try a new adventure.

Right Motivations:
It was very important for me to be motivated to play the game for the right reasons and it was not to justify my height or to see it as a means of gaining respect, acceptance or admiration from peers (all too often the misguided social intentions of a middle school teen and certainly far from the way I shaped my social circle). The best advice to fuel this perspective is: Don’t let what you DO, define or justify WHO you are as a person. Shallow is the person who only finds confidence, identity, strength and respect through their accomplishments or status. Genuine, quality people run much deeper in nature. I fell in love with the game for the right reasons. Sweat, running, contact, high pace, it was like music to my ears and the basketball rhythm soothed my soul.

Carolyn has ACE CEC’s in:

  1. Pre & Post Natal Nutrition
  2. Biomechanical Assessment
  3. Golf Conditioning Specialist
  4. Yoga-Pilates
  5. Serve Safe Certificate and RD Sports Nutrition Work

She works with elite and pro athletes, student-athletes, general public, mothers to be and those with goals to change their overall lifestyle choices. Carolyn can work with you and all of your athletes by phone, e-mail and Skype as well as live. Contact Carolyn c.moos@stanfordalumni.org with subject head “FITT4Life (subject- Nutrition, Training etc.).


USA Basketball Gold Medal Jr. Olympics
Brazil Championship
B.A. Stanford
FIBA/WNBA Pro player
M.A. USC Health Communication Management (Masters Thesis: Prevention vs. Prescriptions)
ACE Personal trainer, yoga instructor, nutrition consultant with CEC’s in Pre and post natal nutrition, fitness, biomechanical assessment, golf conditioning
specialist, sport specific training and nutrition.